One particular application in which we shine, head and shoulders above the rest, is in the restaurant industry. We understand the urgency required to get lights, cooking equipment, or food storage equipment back up and functioning efficiently and in a timely manner. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 day or night schedules to make repairs without disrupting restaurant operations. You can always rely on a commercial electrician or electrical contractor from R&R Electric to solve your electrical service problems.

Restaurants have specialized lighting, commercial-grade appliances, sophisticated sound equipment and other electrical devices that require special attention. R&R Electric recognizes this. We have provided electrical services to many national, regional and local restaurant brands. We are your trusted partner in maintaining your specialized, restaurant electrical needs.

When it comes to the extraordinary care that is needed to keep your restaurant operating as efficiently as possible, only R&R Electric’s specialized restaurant electrical contracting services will do.

We are dedicated to providing fast, safe, and long-term solutions to your routine and emergency service needs, from replacing burnt out bulbs and ballasts, to testing emergency and exit signs, to assisting with new appliance installations. Our electrical services include the outside of your building and your parking lot, too, where a well-lit environment can prevent trips, falls, and vandalism.

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