$3K Annual Savings, 15 Month Payback
LED lamps and electronic ballasts. When you are considering a commercial LED retrofit, call the commercial lighting contractors that Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana & Michigan depends on.

Let us perform a thorough energy audit on your current lighting and energy usage and create a retrofitting proposal quote retrofitting that can incorporate new LED or 25 Watt T-8 systems that reduce your maintenance costs, improves lighting quality, and most importantly, saves you money.

We will prepare a customized proposal that shows you how we can provide you with the following benefits:

Big Energy Savings – Energy Savings average 50 – 75%

Longer Lasting Lamps – Newest premium LED T-8 lamps last at least the warranted period of a minimum 50,000 hrs and lowers your maintenance costs because they don’t need to be changed. That lifespan is equal to the lights being on for 10 hours a day for 13.7 years

Reduced Maintenance – Reduce the man hours you currently spend on servicing lights

Improved Quality of Lighting – Improved, brighter lighting delivers excellent color rendering and high lumens

Utility Rebates – All rebates are credited toward the project cost

Pay For Your Retrofit With Your Energy Savings – No money down, Your energy savings each month will pay for the project.

Environmentally Friendly – Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to cleaner air with non-toxic and recyclable LED lights

With R&R Lighting contractors, you don’t have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings. We service small and large scale commercial facilities. Call us today.

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